A la Carte

If you have a food allergy or intolerance please let us know when you place your order



Escargots - (GF)

Six French snails (no shells) served in a creamy garlic and rosemary sauce accompanied by toasted bread.

Baked Camembert - V GF

Grilled and laced with cognac and topped with pan fried apple. Served with celery sticks and cucumber batons.

Vine Workers' Platter - (GF)

Coarse pate, charcuterie, piece of brie, grapes, salad and French bread.

Trio - V GF

Olives, sunblush tomatoes and balsamic onions.

Pot of House Marinated Olives - V GF

Marinated in our house mix of garlic, lemon and orange.

Basket of French Bread and Butter - V
Something to start


Provencal Fish Soup - (GF)

Served with toasted croutons, fresh garlic, garlic rouille and Emmental.

Champignons farcis aux épinards - V GF

Caramelised onion and spinach stuffed mushroom served with a balsamic dressing, rocket and sundried tomatoes.

Gesiers De Canard - GF

Duck gizzard, wild mushroom and black pudding crumb salad.

Camembert - V

Baked camembert sat atop a fig and onion chutney served with a touched fig wedge and Dijon, honey mustard dressing.

Moules Mariniere - GF

Scottish, rope grown mussels served in a traditional Mariniere sauce accompanied by French fries.

Foies de Poulet Bordelaise - (GF)

Chicken livers served in Bordelaise sauce, topped with garlic croutons.

Your main course


Poulet à la sauce aux Champignons - GF

Chicken breast cooked in wild mushroom sauce served with tartiflette potatoes and tender stem broccoli.

Gratin Végétarien - V GF

Mushroom, butterbean and leek Gratin accompanied by sweet potato fries.

Confit de Canard - GF

Slow cooked duck’s leg served in a broad bean and shallot broth, with grilled new potatoes and baby turnips.

Tarte au Gibier

Mixed game, juniper, onion and red wine pie served with red cabbage and new potatoes.

Fillet de Porc - GF

Suffolk bred Jimmy Butler pork fillet and belly with an apricot and white wine sauce served with Vichy style carrots and dauphinoise potatoes.

Filet de Boeuf - GF

28 day dry aged beef fillet, from Aubrey Allan, served with French fries or vegetables of the day. Includes your choice of green peppercorn sauce, garlic or blue cheese butter.

For those with a sweet tooth


Tarte au Citron - N

Lemon tart served with Pistachio ice cream, cranberry puree and topped with crushed Pistachio nuts.

Gateau au Fromage - N

Spiced pecan and caramel cheesecake served with caramelised pecans and a spiced apple compote.

Crème Brulee - (GF)

Orange infused Crème Brulée served with a chocolate dipped shortbread biscuit.

Tarte aux Poire

Cinnamon and vanilla pear tart served with pear puree and Earl Grey infused ice-cream.

Affogato Maison

Coffee and vanilla ice-cream topped with Amaretto crumb, served with Tia Maria espresso coffee to pour over.

Meringue de Châtaigne - GF N

Home made meringue filled with Baileys and chestnut infused cream, topped with sweetened chestnuts and drizzled with dark chocolate sauce.


A selection of hard and soft cheeses served with crackers and a selection of accompaniments.

For Two £11.95Add Taylor's LBV Port  £3.25Croft Pink Port £3.75Fonseca 10yr Tawny £4.50
The perfect end

Dessert Wines and Coffee

We also have a selection of single malt whiskies, armagnacs and cognacs to go with your coffee! For a wider selection, please ask.

Dessert Wine
Cadillac, Chateau Haut Maouleyre
100ml £5.25
500ml £21.95
Vina Casa Gewurztraminer
375ml Half Bottle £19.95
Armagnac (25ml)
Tariquet VSOP
Baron de Sigognac, aged 10 years
Whisky (25ml)
Tomintoul, Speyside, aged 10 years
Bowmore, Islay, Small Batch
Aberlour, Highland, aged 10 years
Liqueur Coffees

Freshly expressed coffee with the liqueur of your choice topped with a deep collar of double cream.

Café ordinaire
From £2.95

Please note that a discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to the bill if your party has seven or more members.

A little extra


French Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Garlic Bread
Sautee Garlic Mushrooms
Garlic Spinach
Vegetables of the Day
Dauphinoise Potatoes