Lunch Menu

Our lunch menu is served between 12 mid day and 2:30pm

Something to start


Baked Camembert - V (GF)

Grilled and served with fig chutney, grilled figs and fingers of French bread. Great for two to share.

Home Made Vegetarian Soup - V (GF)

Served in a tureen with French bread and butter. Bread not suitable for vegans, so please ask as we offer a vegan alternative.

The Trio - V GF

Olives, sunblush tomatoes and balsamic onions.

Provencal Fish Soup - (GF)

Served with toasted croutons, fresh garlic, garlic rouille and Emmental.

Escargots - (GF)

Six French snails (no shells) served with a creamy garlic and rosemary sauce, accompanied by toasted French bread.

Lobster Bisque - (GF)

A bisque of lobster, shellfish, poached salmon, prawns and tomato, served with French bread and a shot of cognac.

Pot of Marinated Olives - V GF

Marinated in our house mix of garlic, lemon and orange.

French Onion Soup

Served with toasted croutons and Emmental cheese.


Les Croques

French style toasted sandwich filled with a melange of emmenthal and cheddar cheeses, herbs and a splash of bechamel sauce. Served with salad.

Croque Monsieur

Thick slices of white bread spread with our cheese, a slice of ham, red onion, tomatoes and toasted until melting.

Madame - Topped with a hat of fried egg £6.25
Croque Saumon Fumee

Thick slices of wholemeal bread spread with our cheese melange, slices of smoked salmon, spinach, tomato. Grilled and topped with a fried egg.

Croque Vegetarian - V

Thick slices of wholemeal bread spread with our cheese melange, spinach, tomato and mushrooms.

Classic French Bread

Organic Baguettes

White or brown, made with organic certified flour. Split, buttered and served with salad.

Smoked Salmon and Prawns

Served with cucumber and a marie rose sauce.

Hot Griddled Steak

Served with or without onions.

Hot melting brie, bacon and tomato
Add chicken strips for £1.00
Blue Cheese and Mushroom - V
Add beef strips for £1.00
Who needs plates?

Lunch Boards

A bowl of our home-made vegetarian soup of the day. Served with French or sweet potato (except where otherwise stated) fries and a choice of the following:

Hot chicken, brie and roasted red pepper croustillant - (GF)
Pan fired garlic mushroom, spinach and goats cheese croustillant - V (GF)
Grilled halloumi, honey, tomato and avocado croustillant - V (GF)
Hot steak strip, balsamic shallot and gherkin croustillant - (GF)
Hummus and grilled Mediterranean vegetable crousillant - V (GF)
Fish goujons, garlic rouille on salad leaves
French ploughman's brie, charcuterie, grapes - (GF)

French bread and butter (in place of fries).

Your main course

Des Assiettes Grandes

We use top quality 28 day matured meat from fully assured British grass fed beef cattle raised on rural farms.

Sirloin Steak - GF

Served with garlic butter and French fries.

Or peppercorn sauce £1.95
Connection Premium Burger - (GF)

Six ounces of prime lean minced steak with herbs and onion, pan fried and served on a brioche bun with salad, sauté onions, pickles and French fries.

Add brie or blue cheese for £1.00
Fillet Steak - GF

Served with peppercorn sauce and French fries.

Vine Workers' Lunch - (GF)

French style pate, charcuterie, brie, grapes, mixed salad, chutney and French bread with butter.

Hunter's Lunch - (GF)

Duck confit served in a lentil, carrot and baby onion Provencal sauce with French bread.

Served with a 125ml glass of red wine. 
Gratin Vegetariene - V (GF)

Mixed vegetable bake served with sweet potato fries.

Compliment your dish


French Fries
Large £3.95
Sautee Garlic Mushrooms
Sweet Potato Fries
Garlic Bread
Basket of French Bread and Butter
Today's Vegetables

Without potatoes. Priced per portion.